Our themes have been sold to thousands of customers all over the globe -- customers who have done some amazing customizations and inspiring work. In this first edition, we'll take a look at a few of them.

Decibite Knowledge Base

Web hosting tutorials for non-technical entrepreneurs, founders and bloggers.

Decibite Knowledge Base using GuidePost theme

An excellent example of using GuidePost as a full featured knowledgebase. With bold header customizations and a custom footer, Decibite Knowledge Base ties in branding from their main website to create a seamless user experience.


Chalkboard is a mobile app, available on the Apple App Store or Google Play store.

Chalkboard using DocuHub theme

Chalkboard is a completely customized version of DocuHub, customizations that include a new color scheme, custom font and some minor visual changes to design elements such as the search field and footer.

Silero Speech

Helping businesses save real money with Speech-To-Text, NLP and machine learning

Silero Speech using GuidePost theme

Silero Speech is a great example of utilizing the multi-language features built into GuidePost. This includes customizing everything from the search field prompt to the navigation and all post and page content.

Road To Mental Wellness

This is your guide on the road to finding the answers to the how’s, why’s and what to do’s of mental health concerns that plague our society today.

Road To Mental Wellness using Dandelion theme

Road To Mental Wellness uses our Dandelion theme with various minor customizations to match their branding. New membership features introduced in Ghost v3 are also used for their members-only content.

What’s The CARES Act?

Understandable, Vetted Information on COVID-19 Federal Relief

CARES Act using GuidePost theme

CARES Act uses our GuidePost theme to power their rich knowledge base of information. Not only have they taken advantage of customizing the branding and color scheme of the theme, they have also expanded the overall width of the website and added in a custom footer.

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Eric Alli @ericalli

Eric is the founder of LayeredCraft. He has worked as a designer and engineer for 15+ years and loves creating innovative and effective themes for all industries.